No, I Won’t Translate a 225-Word Document to Get the Gig!

About four months ago, I received a translation proposal through LinkedIn ProFinder with the following request: Beverly, would you consider translating a 225-word document to evaluate your skills in translating church related terminology? I felt uneasy about this petition. In the past, I had heard horror stories about potential clients asking translators to translate a […]

Should I Hire a Freelance Translator?

Sometimes the idea of “larger is better” may lead translation buyers to believe that choosing a large, multilingual translation agency makes the most sense. And even though a multilingual translation agency can be the right fit for many translation buyers, going that route is not for everyone. Your translation goals, your business vision, and what […]

4 Reasons Why Marketing Translation is Worth the Higher Price

For a first-time translation buyer, the complexity of translation pricing can be daunting, especially when it comes to highly creative material used for marketing and advertising purposes. How can a three-word slogan cost more to translate than a 200-word document? I get it—it’s a valid concern. After all, most of us are careful with how […]

The Four Core Skills to Make It or Break It as a Translator

For some reason, I am good at imitating people. I remember as a child driving with my family to go see great-uncle Plácido who lived in the cute little town of Orocovis, Puerto Rico. His wife, Panchita, had a very peculiar way of speech. Her intonation was squeaky and very memorable–at least to me–and it […]

Spanish Translation for the U.S. Spanish Market: How Hard is It?

“Me gustan las tostadas con mantequilla de maní.” / “Me gusta el pan tostado con crema de cacahuate.” Initially, it’s obvious to notice both sentences are written in Spanish; what’s less obvious is both sentences are basically expressing the same idea using different words. The first sentence is from Puerto Rico, and the second one is from […]

Is the Native-Tongue Principle a True Guarantee of High-Quality?

One of the principles that are most advertised by freelancers and agencies, in general, is the importance of being a native speaker when translating into any particular language. And there’s an apparent reason for this principle to be so prevalent in the translation industry—better results are expected when a translation into Spanish, for example, is […]

5 Signs That a Translator is Referral Material

In the beginning stages of my freelance career, I tried to reach out to other translators for guidance. I actually contacted a few translators who were well-known in the industry and seemed to have it all figured out. Two of them were really sweet and willing to answer my questions, but there was one who […]

Social Media: Essential for Our Translation Business or a Mere Distraction?

When I first started my translation business, social media literally scared me. I had never been a big fan of technology in general, and the thought of having to put myself out there to promote my business was a bit scary. Nonetheless, I went ahead and did what everyone else was doing—I opened up a […]

The Key to Never Accepting a Low-Paying Translation Job

As I shared recently in one of my previous posts, translation pricing is one of those hot topics that’ll never get old in the translation field. Ever since becoming acquainted with the translation pricing world, I’ve been intrigued by the number of translators who are willing to work for extremely low rates. Is it a […]

If You Call Yourself a Professional Translator, Be a Good One

Just recently I joined a collective translation effort presented by TM-Town to all translators registered on this translator-matching platform based on expertise. Their goal was to have all of TM-Town’s website content translated into multiple languages to better meet the needs of the many translators who have joined and continue to join TM-Town from all […]