4 Reasons Why Marketing Translation is Worth the Higher Price

For a first-time translation buyer, the complexity of translation pricing can be daunting, especially when it comes to highly creative material used for marketing and advertising purposes. How can a three-word slogan cost more to translate than a 200-word document? I get it—it’s a valid concern. After all, most of us are careful with how […]

If You Call Yourself a Professional Translator, Be a Good One

Just recently I joined a collective translation effort presented by TM-Town to all translators registered on this translator-matching platform based on expertise. Their goal was to have all of TM-Town’s website content translated into multiple languages to better meet the needs of the many translators who have joined and continue to join TM-Town from all […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Translation Services

For any business owner, the task of seeking translation services and transitioning into the global market can be quite overwhelming. So, what’s a business owner to do when searching for a translation expert?  Here’s my list of do’s and don’ts that will hopefully help you to understand the complexities of the translation field and the […]

Translators & Interpreters: Is There a Difference?

The other day I went to my preferred local credit union to open a business account for my new translation business. The nice lady helping me with the account set-up got curious and asked, “so, what kind of business is Spanish Connect?” To which I replied, “I offer Spanish translation services to businesses or institutions […]

Green Smoothies and a Confidence Boost

It’s amazing to think how a simple internet search for green smoothies inspired me to attempt something out of my comfort zone. About two months ago, I was searching online for green smoothie recipes. While searching I came across simplegreensmoothies.com, a site run by two young moms from the San Francisco area—Jadah and Jen. I […]

The Response that Completely Blew My Mind

Just recently I decided to jump in the entrepreneur bandwagon and become a freelance Spanish Translator. I created a logo, a Facebook page, and set up a website. I was pumped! I couldn’t wait to share my language skills with businesses in my community and in the online world. I was so ready. However, I […]

The Truth About Translation Pricing

Everybody appreciates a great deal, and when it comes to translation pricing, there is definitely no exception. As difficult as it is for translators themselves to deal with the logistics of translation pricing, translation buyers have it even harder as they are presented with the many different variables that drive translation pricing, even within the […]