Pricing & Terms

Just like you would never hire the least expensive attorney or CPA, hiring the cheapest translator is a very risky decision. Choosing to go that route may compromise the quality of your translated document, which is something you would never allow of an English document that represents you as a business. Whether in English or Spanish, it’s still your image that’s on the line. Therefore, my preference is always to quote my services on a per-project basis, taking into account the following variables:

  1. Length – Does your Spanish translation consist of a one-page document or a 100-page manual?  Will this be a one-time project or an on-going service?
  2. Complexity – Are you translating a children’s book or a technical manual for a Chemistry course? The complexity of the subject matter will make a difference in the price.
  3. Formatting – Is your source document in an editable file or is it a scanned PDF? A scanned document adds to the complexity of the translation compared to a document that is easily editable and saved in the same format.
  4. Turn-Around Time – Are you pressed for time and need this Spanish translation right away? Or, are you able to wait the established turnaround time? Usually, a 2,000-word Spanish translation can be executed, edited and proofread in about 3 days. If you’re in a bind and need it within 24 hours, the final price will be adjusted to compensate for the close deadline with an additional rush fee of $25.00.
  5. Budget Restrictions – How much are you looking to invest in this type of service?
  6. Intended Audience – Are you targeting all Latinos in the U.S. or a specific niche in Chicago or L.A.?

The final project price also includes consultation, review, editing, and proofreading.

My goal is to build a relationship with you and become a vital part of your team – providing transparency and an open approach to project pricing is the first step in establishing a trusting, long-term business relationship.

Certified translations are charged a flat rate and the original formatting is preserved as close to the original as possible. They can also be notarized (highly recommended) for an extra fee.

Interpretation services are charged by the hour with a two-hour minimum. Travel fees are also charged by the hour.

I accept payment via PayPal, Stripe, wire transfer, and direct deposit. A deposit or payment in full is required for new clients. For repeat clients, my payment term is Net 30.

Don’t hesitate to visit my Contact page to request a free estimate for your project. No strings attached! Thank you for considering Spanish Connect Translations to take care of your Spanish translation needs!