What is Liaison Interpreting?

The formal ISO (International Standards Organization) definition for interpreting is as follows:

Rendering a spoken or signed message into another spoken or signed language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language content. (ISO, 2014, p. 1.)

Liaison Interpreting requires the ability to quickly analyze and transfer messages between languages. It’s performed face-to-face, usually in a small group setting. The translator will stand in between the two people (or next to the person addressing a small group) and will translate consecutively (after the statement has been said) or simultaneously (as the person is speaking). It is used in a variety of scenarios, from business negotiations to court hearings, hospitals and health centers, social services, and national and international institutions.

If you’re in the process of doing business with a Spanish-speaking client, or if you’re having a Spanish international group coming to visit your school or health care facilities for a tour, I can help! Contact me if you still have questions about this service and would like more information.