How It Works

My translation process is followed to the letter for every project. This means that working with me can occasionally take a bit longer than with other agencies promising fast turn-around times. But I think you would agree that translation work can’t be a rushed process. Your words are as important to me as they are to you, which is why I want to treat your project with the same care and devotion that you did when it was created.

Here’s what to expect through the translation process:

  • Initial Consultation – I gather the details about your project–such as subject matter, length, delivery date, and specific audience–via email or phone.
  • Quote & Contract – I take a look at the files and any reference materials you provide (style guides, glossaries, TMs, website links, etc.) and send you a quote for your approval. Once you accept my offer, I send you a link to a personalized contract agreement for you to e-sign and return to me (instructions provided).
  • Research & Evaluation – I research your existing marketing materials and make sure my Spanish translations match your marketing strategy as it relates to the feel, style, and terminology of the end product. I study and learn about your business in order to achieve what you want to accomplish as your marketing goal.
  • Translation & Editing – I find the right words and phrases to make your texts come to live in the Spanish language. I offer my experience in localization and transcreation, ask questions, and work with your ideas to develop a Spanish translation that’ll resonate with your Latino audience. I  incorporate any glossaries and styles provided to maintain consistency through the whole project. Lastly, I have my translation edited and proofread before delivery.
  • Invoice & Delivery –  I send you the final translated product in the original format (if PDF, the final format may be different) via email, along with an invoice and a link with credit card payment instructions.

For website localization, I do a final check of my Spanish translation copy as soon as it is uploaded on your site. I make sure everything is correct and where it needs to be. This step is extremely important as parts of the Spanish translation (verb tenses, titles, links, etc.) may have to be fixed/adjusted/changed to fit the context and formatting on the website. This service is included in my translation fees at no extra charge.

Certified English & Spanish translations follow a similar but simpler process. For more information click here.

Do you still have questions about my translation process? Send me an email right away!