Sean Webber

I’ve used other translator services in the past, and I researched many professional companies for an upcoming client project. Beverly came highly […]

Emilia Ganem

“Beverly has encouraged the translation of some important documents for us, with a lot of professionalism, enthusiasm, and in an incredible speed. […]

Samantha Millburn

“Beverly exceeded my expectations with her work on my project. Not only was she extremely organized and professional, but she was also […]

Luciana Goles

“I work at Ashoka Chile, an NGO whom promotes social innovation. Beverly has been volunteering for our office for about 6 months […]

Debbie Miles

“Upper Valley Soccer Foundation found Beverly Hayes with Spanish Connect Translations to translate a scholarship document into Spanish for our association. This […]

Diana Fernholz

“Beverly worked with us in a very professional way, translating several different types of scripts and articles. She is always timely, efficient, […]

Kevin Dias

“Beverly did an excellent job of translating and proofreading for our website (into Spanish). She was very thorough, reliable and a she […]


“Beverly translated one article for us, and it was *very* well done. Our Spanish Editor said it was the best translation he […]

Nathan Gwilliam

“Beverly has done Spanish-language translation for as we worked to translate one of our websites to Spanish. She translated every page […]

John J. Ivers

“Beverly is a very conscientious, responsible, and thorough person. I would trust her with any translation issue. Consider her strongly recommended with […]