My Mission

To provide native-sounding and scrupulously researched translations in Spanish
for individuals, businesses, and organizations tapping into the Spanish market
and ensure their translated words will speak positively of their
professionalism, reputation, and vision.


English to Spanish Translation

Spanish translation of written documents, websites,
marketing and advertising materials.

Spanish Editing & Proofreading

 Document revisions for correct grammar and punctuation
while comparing it to the English original.

Liaison Interpreting

Oral translation for business negotiations, site visits,
tours, health-related consultations, etc.

Certified Translation of Legal Documents

Certified translation of legal documents such as birth certificates,
diplomas, or immigration documents into English & Spanish.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Translation

The Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Translator

Marketing Translation Pricing


I’ve used other translator services in the past, and I researched many professional companies for an upcoming client project. Beverly came highly recommended and I was impressed with her services and expertise upon our communications and consulting. Beverly was a pleasure to work with and expedited the process and proofing stages in a timely fashion. Partnering with Beverly ensures we’re conveying the right message, tone, dialect and conversation to specific demographics and audiences. We’ll be using her again for future projects.

Sean Webber Webber Communications

“Beverly has encouraged the translation of some important documents for us, with a lot of professionalism, enthusiasm, and in an incredible speed. The result was of really high level, so we are very grateful to her and highly recommend her.”

Emilia Ganem Ashoka Argentina

“Beverly exceeded my expectations with her work on my project. Not only was she extremely organized and professional, but she was also very understanding and willing to work with me on a detailed level most translators and editors wouldn’t rise to. I was very impressed with her skills and her speed.”

Samantha Millburn Covenant Communications Editor

“I work at Ashoka Chile, an NGO whom promotes social innovation. Beverly has been volunteering for our office for about 6 months doing translations and transcripts. She has very high skills for conversions from English to Spanish and vice versa, she has always delivered on time and I have the feeling that she is very committed to help NGOs in their labor. I definitely recommend her for doing this type of task!”

Luciana Goles Ashoka Chile

“Upper Valley Soccer Foundation found Beverly Hayes with Spanish Connect Translations to translate a scholarship document into Spanish for our association. This translated document is vital in reaching our players and parents of Hispanic background. Beverly was professional, prompt and thorough in her translation. We are more than satisfied with the results!”

Debbie Miles President of Utah Valley Soccer Foundation

“Beverly worked with us in a very professional way, translating several different types of scripts and articles. She is always timely, efficient, and accurate, which has greatly reduced the stress on our end. Working with Beverly has meant that we are able to ensure the best product with a fast turn around. I would highly recommend her work.”

Diana Fernholz Director of Internal Affairs at Ashoka

“Beverly did an excellent job of translating and proofreading for our website (into Spanish). She was very thorough, reliable and a she is a great communicator which made working with her very easy. I would definitely recommend her services and would use her again if we have more material to translate into Spanish in the future.”

Kevin Dias Co-founder of

“Beverly translated one article for us, and it was *very* well done. Our Spanish Editor said it was the best translation he has seen. Most of our translators are in U.S. prisons, so it was nice to have Beverly help us out. The quality of work from Beverly is very high!”

Max Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons

“Beverly has done Spanish-language translation for as we worked to translate one of our websites to Spanish. She translated every page of the site and did a fabulous job. It was a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her.”

Nathan Gwilliam CEO of

“Beverly is a very conscientious, responsible, and thorough person. I would trust her with any translation issue. Consider her strongly recommended with no reservations.”

John J. Ivers Faculty - Languages and International Studies at BYU-Idaho

“Beverly translated a document for us that was to be sent to South America to explain our program; so of course, the translation had to be perfect. We were also under a tight deadline. Beverly really came through for us! She provided the translation quickly and accurately. We were thrilled with the end product!”

Lynne Landon Pathway Marketing Specialist

“Beverly translated a welcome packet that goes out to new Wish families. This is such an important document for us and we couldn’t have asked for a better product! Beverly, thank you for your support of Make-A-Wish Georgia!”

Priscilla Fernández Make-a-Wish Georgia

“Beverly helped us translate an entire website–including all the content, navigation, calls to action, captions, etc. She was very thorough and helpful since we had never done this before. We appreciate her help and her passion for getting things just right. I would recommend her in a heartbeat for any future jobs. Thank you, Beverly!”

Lindsey Redfern Editor in Chief of

“Beverly translated a liability form for us and it was perfect! She did it really fast, no errors, and it was perfectly formatted. Her translation is professional and you can tell it is culturally appropriate, no direct translations that look like “google translate”. On top of it all, she is really nice and courteous so it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Andrea Gómez
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